Leah Bauer
Casino Tropicana Luj�n Casino Tropicana Luj�n
"Leah Bauer"
Aside from the fact that this is hands-down one of the coolest, most colorful, cleanest hotels that I've stayed in, this place absolutely caters to vegans like no other. I'm so happy to stay here every time we come to Vegas. I almost don't feel like I need to leave the casino because the scenery is always so delightful and the plant-based food options are seemingly endless! If I'm not mistaken, every restaurant at the Wynn and Encore has a vegan option. We love going to Andrea's or Sinatra for dinner and we often grab lunch at Terrace Point Cafe, where you can find a delicious burger, fries and a chocolate shake all for $11! Don't miss the Impossible Burger sliders at Andrea's, you won't be disappointed. If you really want to spring for a fancy way to wake up, order breakfast to your room. The tofu scramble and French toast serve as the perfect start to my day!