Xue Tang
Lotus Casino
Sacramento, California
"Xue Tang"
A good casino. They remodeled it and its very nice. I was surprised from the time I went there before and now. It'd really refreshing to see it go from a trash place to a nice place. The people there are cool and Asian. Just the way I like it. They only have bakarat there because that's all that azns play at any casino. They dragons are nice, and the pandas are ok. But they are cool people there. I won like 40 bucks but then I let a friend borrow it and he lost it all he may or may not have a gambling problem. Only God knows. Or maybe God doesn't know. Or maybe God doesn't exist. He may not be real because scientists hasnt proven he's true. It's like back then people thought you had to be nice or there will be no rain. But in reality there's no rain because of global warming. And global warming is created by God. That's what they teach nowadays in school. It's nice to see that our education in America is bottom tier compared to the world. And don't get me stated about the millennial. They are kinda lazy but not all of them. Im a millennial and I just dogged on myself. But anyways this casino is better than before. It's closer than I thought it would be.