Betty Ventura
Rising Star Casino Resort
Rising Sun, Indiana
"Betty Ventura"
We are staying at The Lodge. We really like it -- smoke-free and really clean. The buffet was pretty good if you know what to get. It was steak night. Not a good choice -- overcooked and tough. But, the fish was excellent. It's a casino buffet. Not the worst I'be had; not the best. The reason for the three stars is the casino itself. We are non-smokers. The non-smoking area is in the basement, which is okay, but they put their antique slots down there. My husband tried to play on the other floors, but just couldn't tolerate it any more. We had to cut our casino time short. They used to be on the cutting edge in their ability to accommodate both groups. The air filtration system is an epic fail. But, we are really enjoying our stay during Christmas week. The decorations and atmosphere are awesome.