Kan Ogata
River Rock Casino
Geyserville, California
"Kan Ogata"
Visited the Casino as usual and wanted to enjoy a relaxing evening. I had misplaced my players card once again.... headed to the guest service and perhaps due to the odd hour I was able to be there, the staff lineup behind the counter was different than the usual I see or recognize. The guest service provider was getting my new card printed out as per usual but I could clearly tell that he would rather have a conversation through me to the other staff who was behind me while at the counter. I know I am a young looking and was quite casually dressed for the night, but having visited enough times to enjoy my free time away from work and have earned nearly 250,000 players points this year alone not inclusive of the 50 percent of the times I don't use the players card, I would think that in a position where you are supposed to serve their guests, especially while logged on to the player profile to know if the guest is a higher spending player, I would try my best to even pretend to care about the service being provided one guest at a time. Disappointing to say the least and after a short stay I left without much enjoyment. The renovations have not helped in having the staff concentrate on their tasks at hand either. It seems that the level of service is being retained by their original staff who have been there for more than 2 years but have slowly started to decline as new hires are not reaching even the lower standards I expect. Having commented all of the above, I do not believe in reprimanding the staff in question, but rather question the ability of the management on duty or the personnel in charge of training. December 18th 2017 Player 527116