Deborah Caesar
Hollywood Casino - Charles Town Hollywood Casino - Charles Town
Charles Town, West Virginia
"Deborah Caesar"
My biggest complaint is the smoke. People smoke everywhere, even in the non-smoking areas. They have no consideration for those of us who don't smoke or who have medical conditions that second hand smoke affects. I believe all Deleware casinos are non-smoking and still are crowded with patrons. Maryland's Horseshoe Casino is non-smoking. The have machines outside in a special area for smokers and it's always crowded in both areas without complaints from the smokers. My second concern is the jackpots are few and far between for most. It seems like the winners are usually Executive Producers and Icon card holders. I play with or without my card and play quite a bit of money but get little in return. If I am lucky enough to win, the next time I go and put my card in, it seems like I am targeted to lose what I won before. I really like Charles Town, it's close, the staff is friendly, the Buffet food is good, and I enjoy going and just getting out but it would be better if I could bring a little money home. I know it's designed to take your money but it sure would be great to win more than 1 or 2 times a year. Not necessarily a jackpot, but enough not to not go home broke everytime.