Justice Clark
Thunder Valley Casino Resort Thunder Valley Casino Resort
Lincoln, California
"Justice Clark"
Asked to leave or turn my shirt inside out in the middle of eating breakfast at the buffet. Three security guards came up to me and told me that team members had been offended what was on the front of my shirt that I was wearing. I chose to leave because I wasn't exactly sure what policies they had and or my rights or laws were given that it's on tribal land and what not. So I chose not to make a scene and went to the car quietly. About 2 weeks had passed since the incident and my aunt who I went with decided to call Thunder Valley Casino and talk to a manager regarding how she and I felt about how it was handled. They were very understanding and remembered the incident and apologized for how it was handled. To our surprise they decided to send us a $40 food voucher. The buffet only cost us $11.99 each originally. That was really nice. We really like going to that Buffet it's hands-down the best one in the Sacramento and Roseville area