Alisa Greer
Aransas Queen Casino Aransas Queen Casino
Aransas Pass, Texas
"Alisa Greer"
We took about 25 friends on this experience last night and 6 had fun. We called earlier in the day and were told '2ft swells and mild conditions'. With this being said 19 of us were sick along with another 50 on the boat. If that is mild conditions then I urge everyone not to ruin thier night. We took bromine/pressue point wrist bands/oils behind ears and all were still very sick. I can only assume the old boat needs a new stabilizer to make this boat enjoyable. My cousin who joined us wanted to play black jack but the few tables they had stayed full. Also there was no sports book to bet on college games/ufc last night and no way to watch. I think the 2 hour drive to casinos on land is 100% better than 1.5hr boat ride of sickness/old machines and limited tables.