Oleg Makarenko
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Punta Cana
"Oleg Makarenko"
First with the good. The resort grounds are beautiful, the layout is nice and the beach is great. The pool is huge with plenty of entertainment and a swim up bar. The fondue restaurant is amazing and it gets a star for that. Now to the not so good. Overall, the food is hit or miss here. A lot of the stuff served in general dining halls is simply bland and some of it just inedible. The best food here is the fondue restaurant and we ate there 3 times in our 7 day stay. Also, any drink that I ordered that contained ice gave me an upset stomach. I suspect this is because they freeze regular tap water which is not safe for drinking. The horrible. We were here for the first week of our two week honeymoon trip. The room was beautiful but the lay out is terrible. Clear glass door for the bathroom and glass partition is a terrible idea unless you enjoy watching your SO doing her business, not to mention that the terrace is right across it. If you forget to close the curtains, someone else might be enjoying the view. The king size bed is made up of two full beds with wheels which are not attached to each other in any way which means if you end up sleeping in the middle, the beds will eventually split and you'll be on the floor. And lastly, two days after our arrival, my wife and I awoke to find our legs and back full of bites. That's right, BED BUGS. We tried complaining to the management but instead of giving us another room, they tried to convince us in broken English that they were just mosquito bites and we need to use spray. Seriously? The rest of our vacation we ended up sleeping on top of the bed covers. Bottom line, never coming back here again even for free. 5-Star hotel my ass.