Lorna Ashley
Princess Tower Casino Princess Tower Casino
Punta Cana
"Lorna Ashley"
My fiance and I went on a event that was 4 hours exploring the town. When we came back one of my fiance items was stolen out of the room. We reported it to management and they act like they are going to help you get your things back. Each day we went back to find out if they know who took our stuff, they never had a answer. Finally on our last day we asked again and they was rude and said there was nothing they can do for us. it was a $400 item that was stolen. This really messed up our vacation with the dishonesty. Also there we had to change our room from the first floor to the second floor because there are a lot of bugs crawling on the night stand that ended up in the bed. Also to balcony door to our room didn't lock which was very scary being on the first floor and the balcony door not locking. that meant anyone could have came in our room.