Jersey AC
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"Jersey AC"
The staff literally does not care about anything at all. From my experience, it seems to me that the communication between the staff was non existent and the security is literally the worst.. The "Head of Security" would not even look me in the eye while denying entry to me and my guests because they were already in the water.... When in reality they were not even shipped out yet.. They did nothing to help, they ignored me for 10 minutes and then I asked them if there is anything else that anyone can do and they simply said no and walked away to go talk to each other.. Wow the customer service was absolutely horrible.. I would never go on anything Victory related. Smh... (I also had 6 other guests on the ship waiting for me AND they said they spoke with the staff about my arrival and they said it was okay and that they would "extend" the shipping time.. So much for the extension... And if you read this "HEAD OF SECURITY", Thanks for the great new years experience.. you did an amazing job! (******)