Vape Savage
Gold Dust West Carson City
Carson City, Nevada
"Vape Savage"
This casino is in good condition and has a variety of different games to choose from. I have spent plenty of time gambling at all the casinos in carson city and I gotta say that I really hardly ever win anything here. Especially compared to everywhere else in town. It sucks you dry and hardly gives you any points for the money you spend. Also it takes a lot of points before for can use them as free play. They have an arcade for children in the bowling center. Now the bowling center is nice and is one of the two in this town. They have a couple restaurants here which serve good food for a fair price. They also have rooms you can stay in which are nice and if you are a part of the players club and gambke much. You can get free rooms which is cool. Although you do have to cover the deposit. Which you get back