Allison Cole
Mount Airy Casino Resort Mount Airy Casino Resort
Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania
"Allison Cole"
If I could give mount airy lodge a negative 5 star review I would. I Literally had an issue every day that I stayed here. Let me start by saying the customer service and politeness of the staff is severely poor. Upon checking in, on new years weekend my reservation was in the system incorrectly. I booked a 3 night stay but was only in the system for two nights. No one behind the desk knew how to resolve this issue and when the reservation manager named Candace was called. She was beyond rude to me explaining that I would just get charged a second reservation once the 2 nights were up. Fine although an inconvenience I just wanted to put this behind me and have a good time I mean for goodness sakes it's new years weekend, first New years married, wanted to make the best of it. I gave the front desk specific card information to charge for the second reservation. They managed to charge a totally separate card that I held the original reservation with that I specifically told them not to charge. I ended up with an overdraft fee. When I asked to speak to a manager. Natasha, again was rude to me told me she could not reverse payment and their was nothing she could do, also ended up being charged more than what I was originally quoted. Extremely unaccommodating with an attitude. You would think for a 4 diamond rated place you could at least try to make the customer happy. On top of this issue. The water was cold when it was time to shower or wash hands at the sink. It's below zero in the mountains so the last thing you want to do is take a cold shower. When it was time to go to the buffet that was included in the 1200 dollar package, after waiting on the long line, again we were not in the system for a reservation and had to wait some more. They gave as a free ten dollar reward on our cards to play and when we tried to use it, it was expired so again we had to go to customer service and wait on a long line to try to get our reward. There was a snack sensor in the room, so you can't even pick the snack up to see what it is even if I wanted to eat it. On new years day my husband and I were in the casino trying to take a picture and an attendant walked by and said no photos. Are you serious? It's new years day and my first time here, I can't take a picture to have a memory of my experience here. She was rude and condescending. You would think for all the money you spend this place would be a little more friendly to the guests. Nope think again. This place is overrated, overpriced and unaccommodating. Save your money and emotions and go to Atlantic city. You'll get way more bang for your buck and at least the staff are nice there. I'll never recommend or return to this place. I'm disgusted beyond belief.