Pat Ha
Artichoke Joe's Casino
San Bruno, California
"Pat Ha"
Plenty of parking, clean facility but decor is outdated too. Friendly staff, most of them, not all. Everything is caught on camera, what's the point of having a floorman to verify every Aces cracked + high hands? That's just $100-300 at most. Waste of time, easily waste 3-5mins just waiting for a deaf floor person who doesn't want to walk to the table. It's not like a bad beat jackpot, that I can understand. Quite lame how some floor person gives an attitude, as if we're there begging or something. Floor person (older Caucasian male in his 60-70 with white hair who works after 10am weekdays) should be customer oriented and face of the business. Having that kind of an attitude deter people from returning.