Ang Spearman
Deerfoot Inn & Casino Deerfoot Inn & Casino
Calgary, Alberta
"Ang Spearman"
The dinning in this casino is not what I imagine a casino to have, they use pre fab burgers, lunch meats vs real meats like turkey or ham in their sandwich's, packaged over salted gravy, frozen french fries and yet charge you WAY more than most restaurants that make their actual food do...I would have thought they want people to come dine here so they gamble but I guess not. the only reason they get 2 stars vs 1 is the decor is not that bad. The drinks are grossly overpriced and the staff are pretty rude, half of them do not even speak English so asking for something is somewhat of a challenge....This is a very very expensive place to have fun, never mind the amount you lose to gambling but if you want a beverage (even fountain pop is very pricey) or dinner expect to drop ALLOT of money, really not that great of value to draw me back.