jim farmer
Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
"jim farmer"
First time visiting this casino and I find that I really enjoyed how they run their tournaments. Although I didn't do well in the tournament I did get to enjoy the other facility while waiting for friends to also complete the tournament. I'm not experienced enough to determine weather this establishment has a better payout than other stablishments but what I can say is that the layout is very easy to navigate and I enjoyed several different slot machines. I got hungry and took advantage of their smorgasbord restaurant and I was impressed with the number of food options they provided. I had several plates of several different foods and found all of it very delicious. The price of the smorgasbord was very reasonable for such a high attraction hot spot. I plan on revisiting soon and the hopes of doing better in the next tournament but also to provide pictures of my experience. So feel free to check back with me and good luck gambling.