Richard Soltis
Wildfire Sunset Casino Wildfire Sunset Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Richard Soltis"
I've never been here previous to this day but I was actually here for an interview to work in the sports book. So, I went to the guy working in the sports book to find the person who was supposed to interview me. He was so disorganized, not rude, but extremely disorganized which just made for an uncomfortable moment and to break the ice, a snarky joke came out. It may have been funny if I was a customer but I wasn't so it actually did come off a little rude. Not purposely though so I'm trying to express that correctly. Anyways, the place is small. The staff all seem to be in another place in their heads, including the manager that eventually interviewed me. He didn't even seem to believe in the questions he was asking me. Then he was unable to follow up on that interview. I had to call him and what do you think his first reply was? Yup..."oh, I was just about to call you." It was 2 weeks later then he promised to call back. So, yeah...very disorganized staff and they all seem to be somewhere else in their heads.