A Moore
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"A Moore"
Attended a concert in the Global Event Center and it was awful. Doors opened late, security screening was a little too eager to check out a lady in a dress. Missed a quarter of the concert because of late opening and slow security screening. Seating was terrible. Seats so close together that even regular sized people were cheek to cheek. It was quite uncomfortable to be touching strangers in such a manner as we were forced to, just to sit in our seats. We could not both lean back in our seats as there was no shoulder room. It was an uncomfortable situation to be in. They clearly care more about selling the ticket than the guest experience. The performer was great and the audio/video was excellent given the space. Despite the terrible seating and the trouble getting in, we enjoyed the show. But we will never spend another dollar at this venue. Did not visit any restaurants or gamble, so cannot comment on those.