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Nov 5 '13 at 2:35

Caesars Windsor

The casino was nice - the staff were great. The comps were very poor - might as well not bother with the card at all. They allowed us to park our RV in the parking lot and even provided electric for us to plug into. As well, they would send a golf cart to pick us pup and drive us back to the RV at night after we finished gaming. As for Legends Restaurant - great burgers but at a great price - $12.95 for a burger is just a little bit much in my opinion. The nacho platter was so-so - nothing fancy. The Tiramisu dessert to which we looked forward with great delight ($18.00!!!!! for 2) was a disgrace. Simply a horrible disgrace. It was a large brandy snifter filled with disgusting ersatz whipped topping, and a couple of biscotti in the bottom - OMG! - HORRIBLE - we couldn't eat it. Had it been real whipped cream it might have been edible. You had to search under this mountain of glop to find any mascarpone at all. The manager (so generous - NOT) gave us a discount of 50% on this mess that we couldn't eat. Oh, did I mention that every single time we ate there (3 times) it took almost an hour to get our food? Didn't matter if it was a busy night, or if the restaurant was empty. The service in that restairant - well, frankly they should fire the chefs who can be seen standing around and munching fries instead of getting the meals out. AS for the buffet. We only had the buffet once - Later that night I woke up sick as a dog and spent hours in the bathroom. Food poisoning? Oh yes! No question. We later heard that there had been other problems over time with the buffet. Despite the friendly staff, clean air, and free parking of the RV, I don't somehow think we will be going back to Caesars any time soon.