Keana IcePop
Mad Matty's Bar Casino and Grill Mad Matty's Bar Casino and Grill
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Keana IcePop"
I attempted to get a players card here. I am so close to this place it's not even funny. I also like to gamble. HOWEVER I will never go back. The night I went they were having problems making my card. I never received it. I HAD $20 of free play I was told and never received it. When I went back to tell them the situation they pretty much called me a liar. It was the second time I had ever been there and they said it was impossible because over 7 cards were issued in my name. Mind you it was my 2nd time EVERY being there. The staff was very rude to me. I'll literally go out of my way to go ANYWHERE else. The staff is rude and at that it's it's a small trashy casino. Arizona charlies treats me better than they do every time I've been.