Veronica Kassap
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Hinton, Oklahoma
"Veronica Kassap"
I Love Remington Park casino! The people who work there are awesome, especially the ones who work in the cashier's cage. They always seem genuinely interested in chatting with you and happy to be of assistance. Now the facility itself could use some care... There is only one public restroom in the whole second floor casino and while 75 percent of the time one or two employees appear to be attending to it, it still always feels dirty somehow. The row of toilets along the north wall leak and the floor is always wet. The Club Remington app is rarely up to date and the promotions are severely lacking compared to other local casinos and even though you have to use your players club card into to be eligible for the little rewards and promotions they do have, your card will only work in about half the games. Supposedly there are two days per month where you can get extra match play, but good luck figuring out which days! I've been actively trying for half a year and still can't figure it out! The bricktown brewery located inside the casino keeps odd hours, the food is very hit or miss, pricey and often only serving limited menu options. The 24 hour "Around the clock cafe" is probably your safest bet 90 percent of the time. HOWEVER, they need to fix the oven! Most everyone I know would recommend trying the personal pan pizza or the Cuban sandwich which will run you 6 to 7 bucks each but neither have been available for over a month because the oven has been broken... And while free beverages are nice, the selection is small and the ice machine in the main station is always broken... Overall, great casino! I've definitely won more jackpots here than any other Oklahoma casino but there is obvious room for improvement!