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Dec 25 '17 at 18:36

alain portmann

alain portmann
Croc's Hotel & Casino is located in Jaco, one of the most developed beachfront areas in Costa Rica. It attracts a specific type of local and forgein guest given it is less than three hour drive from San Jose. While there is a large swimming pool, beach and large bar, the casino dominates the space and atmosphere. If you are looking to explore the area and Costa Rica, Croc's is not for you. However if you are after a self contained experience that will give you a small safe glimpse of local culture, this is the place for you. However be ready for a pretty standard experience that could be had in any other four star resort in a Spanish speaking country. The bar area is dominated by sports screens either showing American football, baseball or English Premiership games. The cocktails are well prepared and while the service is extremely cordial the staff spend more time staring at their input screens than interacting with guests. It also seems that mistakes with the bill are common. It happened three times in the past of three hours. The food is of good quality and is dominated by standard food choices such as salads, burgers and steaks. The restaurant which is used to serve breakfast is nicely appointed and sits about 60. The breakfast is buffet style and comes with a cost of $20 USD. While the quality of the food is good it is just average. It is probably an area that needs to be improved on to keep the four star rating. The beach is not the prettiest but the waves and currents are mild. It is an expansive beach that extends for a few kilometers. The swimming pool is probably the feature of the Croc's offering over 50 sun loungers, two swimming areas and a energetic bar and general atmosphere. The bar at the swimming pool only opens at 10AM something to note for early birds. We where allocated room 905 in the ninth floor which offered a nice mountain view. The room was what was expected for a four star resort. The room featured two large queen size beds, a bar area and fridge as well as a large bathroom with a nice shower. The amenities provided could be improved but where adequate. The cleaning staff were super efficient and friendly. The gym, open between 6AM and 10PM was adequate, featuring the basic essentials including two tredmills, two climbers, a bench, basic set of free weights, less press machine, shoulder press machine and a cable unit. On the same floor as the gym (second floor) is a dance club and spa / saloon which I did not have a chance to visit or try. Having stayed only two nights it was hard to identify patterns but what is clear is that Croc's biggest challenge is to provide a consistent experience to its guests. If you are after a self contained experience and resort, without expecting consistency, Croc's delivers that well and it earns the four stars.