Vicki Altman
Oneida Casino Oneida Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Vicki Altman"
I was there for about 2 hours, drove 4 hours round trip to lose $1,200 staright through, not "win" anything more then $10, playing $5.00 slots. If you play slots with bonuses, they rarely come up and if they do,don't expect more then $10.00. I saw nobody winning. Witnessed just a lot of frustrated people. Also don't expect anything more then $25.00 in reward play,even if you are a high roller. I get $600 a month from Northstar and a free room whenever I want. I use to have a lot of play here,but my last 5 visits, nothing. I spoke to a manager who said their payouts our 70% to 98%. That's horrible. They should be set at 91% to 98%. This casino has the worst payouts in the state. Stay away!!!! I wish it was like it use to be. I don't mind losing, but please let me have some play especially when I bring over $1,000 with me.