Nancy Levindoski
Oneida Casino Oneida Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Nancy Levindoski"
Been going to Oneida for years. But the last year their payouts went down hill. We use to walk in with 100.00 and play for a couple hours. Now you can have that in a slot in a half hour. Infact they are dam boring, I actually fell asleep played them. They have way to many expensive machines. Where their pennies start at 50cents and 75.If your older on Social Security not a place for you. Infact its so low paying we are not going there anymore. When you lose 10 times in a row with nothing thats wrong. We are going to go less and head up north to North Star when we go. My husbands co workers use to go to oneida. Now not one goes they all head up North were you have a chance to win. The name Im using is my email name, not real name. We are so done with that place. We only play 30 lines, but come out loosing alot with nothing. They need to turn their little computer chips up. I rate them a One star rating. Use to be fun, but if you want boredom and loose your butts thats the place to go too. They already lost alot of there customers.