Cristobal Miedo
Seven Clans Casino Thief River Falls
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
"Cristobal Miedo"
Took an hour to get checked in with only one person ahead of me. You will need to check in at the 'Players Club' before you can check in with the hotel, which isn't marked outside or in the main lobby. Short staffed with loss of services often, including front desk calling or even water slides- both of which were lost during the first 24hrs of the stay. The chlorine from the pool caused my kids to get rashes and the dry chlorine gas resulted in a trip to the hospital for me. While I was at the hospital, my wife suffered a concussion after hitting her head on the side of the slide. Lastly: Bring your ice skates in the winter! The parking lot is glare ice without sand or salt. If the swimming is no longer fun, you can literally skate out your front door. When life hands you lemons....