Four Winds Dowagiac Four Winds Dowagiac
Dowagiac, Michigan
This used to be my favorite place to go 3-4 days a week. We go there so often that they know us by name. However a few weeks ago for my Birthday we went and they tried to accuse me of bringing in my own alcohol. Of course after spending the amount of money i did here they want to try and tell us to leave after we were there about 4 hours. The lady who approached us was a bartender and you can tell she felt very uncomfortable doing so because she told us she knows we were known for drinking beer NOT whiskey in which we were accused of. If they would look at their receipts they would see we had bought quite a few beers. Very unprofessional if you ask me. Like I said we have been going here a lot since they opened and after this episode on my Birthday we have not been back to a four winds. We have been going to Bluechip where you don't get accused of things you don't do. If you have customers who spend the amount of money at your establishment like we do i would really train your employees on how to approach people.