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Nov 14 '17 at 5:33

Debbie Fry

Debbie Fry
Lousy play backs!!! You might as well flush your money down the toilet, that would be MORE FUN. IT IS NOT FUN when games rarely line up on anything, not even small wins. Bonus rounds are a joke. Pay hundreds to get into bonus round to "win" $1.50?? almost every time. Very fun for the Indians RAKING in the cash. Just look at all of the new construction. The Indians are LOVING IT. The owner response regarding how they are regulated is a canned response. Look at the other poor reviews. They are a sovern nation...check it out yourself MN Gambling Control has no jurisdiction. They are SELF governed by Indian Gaming Board, last time I checked. MN Dept of Public safety inspects the machines and payouts however this is different than what the gambling control board does for non profits. It used to be fun to go to the casino, but over the years that has changed drastically, it is rarely fun to play their games anymore. We used to play and have fun on small amounts of cash regularly and the casinos were still building and growing. Now we only go to the casino a couple times a year. The last 10 to 15 times over several years has been almost identical; few to none on play backs and no fun, especially for several hundred dollars EACH. We never stay more than an hour or two. It is ridiculous. It is not fun to get nothing in return for feeding dead machines money. There is a significant reason for that. IT IS NOT RANDOM. Look it up yourself it is a matter of public record and clearly shows that Tribal enties out number state entities.