Elisheva Ferency
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La Uruca
"Elisheva Ferency"
Been here many times unfortunately, for work. And each time is worse than the others. Staying here right now, and was suppose to stay for another week and a half, but will leave in the morning and go somewhere else. Every day there is something different going wrong. From putting us in different rooms than what they assured us we will get, to people smoking weed all over the hotel when it's a non smoking hotel, to parties in the middle of the night every night, in the quiet new wing. 329 rooms, and only one washer working in the whole hotel. I had a do not disturb sign on the door, and someone walked into the room while it's on, and put the sign inside the room. I called the front desk and they told me maintenance accidentally was sent to the wrong room. The next day it happened again, the do not disturb sign was put inside (it was out on the door) and someone opened all the drawers in the room. I put the sign out again, and went to the front desk. the housekeeping manager apologized a lot, and promised us no one will ever go into the room, unless we call her personally and ask for the room to be cleaned. When going back upstairs, the sign was missing completely (meaning someone, in those 10 minutes we were downstairs was messing with our room again. While we're talking to the manager!). The housekeeping manager came upstairs and spoke to the housekeeping employee on the floor at the moment, and told us she admitted going into the room, but only because there wasn't a do not disturb sign. Today I called the front desk to talk to the hotel manager, Ryan, and he immediately started arguing if they're allowed to go into the room, even without a reason or not. He was very disrespectful, and spoke like I was an annoying person who's trying to find reasons to complain. The whole place is very unprofessional, and do not respect their guests at all. I would not at all reconnect this place.