AvengersWarClan A.K.A. FALCON
Treasure Island - TI Hotel & Casino, a Radisson Hotel Treasure Island - TI Hotel & Casino, a Radisson Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"AvengersWarClan A.K.A. FALCON"
I had such a fun time at Treasure Island! This was on my very first trip to Vegas and I was blown away at the amazing detail of the hotels, displays, shows and architecture found all the way up and down the strip. Though here at Treasure island, it was AMAZING! I can remember the detailing in the stone entryway of Zeus across from a three headed dragon and a mermaid with wings, it was so well done. They also had on display at the time what looked to be a Medusa inspired chopper and an Elephant Horn (tusk I think) that had thousands of little people carved out of one side of it, appearing to represent what looked like an epic battle of Asians from long ago. The details in everything is what impressed me the most about Treasure Island. Would definitely stay there again