Alison Roe
Parklands Racing Centre
Southport, Queensland
"Alison Roe"
This hotel is very basic. It's advertised as a 4 star but it's more like a 2 star. The staff are very friendly. We went to the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna - it's all very old and drab. We had dinner in the bar as the rooftop restaurant was being refurbished. The Portobello mushroom starter was overpowered by the blue cheese and tastless without it. The cod main course was very boney (after being assured there would be none) and served on mashed potato.... I had to switch with my boyfriend as I couldn't stomach it. The Apple crumble (which should be called Apple tart due to the lack of crumble) was served cold. The whole place was overrun by screaming children who were tormenting the staff and customers. One table had to move to the other side of the room because a child was throwing a bottle at them and neither the staff nor parent did anything. Our room was basic but the bed was very comfortable. The tv didn't work properly as there was no video, just sound. Our view from the room was a wall.