Ryan Slaughter
Cales Casino Cales Casino
Plano, TX
"Ryan Slaughter"
Before we could even get to our resort things went south. We booked our room expecting to pay once we arrived, we received an email asking for a 20% deposit to hold our spot. Following the directions in our email. Our wire transfer was rejected due to unknown reasons. The resort nor the bank could explain to us what went wrong. Badly enough we were charged bank fees that the resort refused to reimburse. We spent five days arguing with the employees and instead of them trying to understand what we were saying they continued to argue with us. Traveling from America to the Dominican Republic we were excited to be in a new place. We were greeted with a host of unfriendly staff members, below average food and they gave us the wrong mildewed room. Expecting a Jr Suit that caused all this trouble, we entered a room with two full sized beds and a giant puddle in the middle of the floor. The room was much smaller than we paid for .The bell boy quickly noticed their mistake and found us another room. The wait staff wasn’t friendly and some of the them never bothered to see if we wanted anything else after they cleared the table from the previous guest. Ronnie the bartender was awesome! The light at the end of our tunnel. Will we be staying here again. No. Do I recommend this place to anyone that doesn’t speak Spanish. No. I wouldn’t be totally upset if the staff communicated with each other about fixing our issue. So we’re out of $65 extra, because of the hotel sending us the wrong information not once but twice. And no one tried to understand our issue nor did they seem to care. All in all my first trip to the DR was what I made it. And that was only because I tried to remain positive. I wouldn’t have even written a bad review if during check out they tried to Care. They kept sending us confusing emails about $25 credits that they wouldn’t even honor. I finally had enough when the “ person in charge” for today Bruno didn’t blame us for the wire transfer having the wrong information on it. When we simply put what our email had on it. The hotel was beautiful and the pool was amazing but that wasn’t enough when you feel unwelcome.