George Port
Arizona Charlie's Decatur Arizona Charlie's Decatur
Las Vegas, Nevada
"George Port"
They seem to be afraid if they give more than 4 ounces of soft drinks to anyone under a high roller, they will go broke. Ever since they remodeled the buffet, the service and food really went down hill and is now in the basement digging even lower. Maybe this all relates to the help they now have. Most of which barely speak English and are not very friendly to anyone except people of their own nationality. Then, they will stand and flirt instead of what they are paid for. The same thing happens in the sourdough cafe. They have steadily reduced their offers and have removed most of the penny machines. It is like they think no matter what machines they have or how tight they are set, they will be played. Maybe they are right. As for me, I am seriously considering staying away from this establishment and possibly all of their properties.