Susana Fernández
Bear River Casino Hotel Bear River Casino Hotel
Loleta, California
"Susana Fernández"
I was robbed $400. I had an unfair treatment at this place . The night I checked in front desk told me the rule was not to smoke in the room so I never did. I asked where can I smoke a spliff then ? and she said go to the parking lot and you will be fine. So I did exactly as she said. I stayed 3 nights and was forced to change rooms the second day. When I finally checked out they said, they were charging me $400 extra bc both rooms 'smelled like cannabis' and they found what I think was the crumbs of a spliff i rolled to smoke outside . I'm a foreigner and was with 2 other foreign girls like me. We know a local guy that smoked his bong inside his room and didn't get charged . I followed the rules, I didn't smoke in the room. Why didn't they say anything when I left the 1st room? They waited for me to leave the 2nd room in order to charge me a fine for each room. I explained to them this was so unfair , so if u are a hard working foreigner not come to this place they just want to ridiculously steal our money . And as I told them I will put this review all over the place cause I was literally ROBBED, maybe they are just racists and thieves of course