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Pensacola Greyhound Track Pensacola Greyhound Track
Pensacola, Florida
"bryan jackson"
I like how all of these reviews are talking about the great professional staff. Next time you go to the poker room, ask them why they fired 3 dealers. I will save you the trip, they was stealing chips from the pots. So yeah...great place, very professional. All of the dealers look like they hate every second they are there. The tournaments are ran so poorly. They don't even update the status board until the players ask 100 times. Finally, if you want to play with worst players this is the place, all luck. Terrible place, dishonest staff, terrible floor management, and most of the regular players are just mean and nasty people. If you are here on vacation or live here, just stay away, you will leave here just depressed like the staff, dealers, and other players.