Andrew Jones
Cascades Casino Cascades Casino
Langley City, British Columbia
"Andrew Jones"
They pulled the vending machines off of all floors. It you need soft drinks, you are sent to the casino to look for a mobile 'cart girl's. Very much illustrates a complete lack of respect for their clients time. I went to 3 vending floors and none had signs posted. Directions are still up on each floor. Front desk just referred to the cart girls. 10 minutes of searching for a cart girl and I ended up driving to find a store. Extremely disrespectful of customers time.certainly no one should bring children here. This practice seems a little suspect to me. Send people from a hotel attached to a casino into the casino anytime they want a soft drink? Immoral at a minimum. I am travelling for business and have no time for these practices. If you need to be close to the casino then this is the closest and the rooms are the same standard as a typical Best Western (except very noisey due to their in room climate co trols). If not, find a place that is more focused on their clients. Management is not customer focused.