Tony Zukas
Jack Cleveland Casino Jack Cleveland Casino
Cleveland, OH
"Tony Zukas"
If you're goth they will turn you away at the door. Parking is $25. Dj has poor sound quality speakers, free coffee always has too much sugar. Security is overtly paranoid about everyone and looks at you as if you're doing something wrong. Slots. YOU WILL LOSE. There's no hope for you here, you're straight up going to get screwed and it's sugar coated by shiny new hi-res con machines. Stay away from the slots. Tables are as you would expect. Despite security being paranoid, they can care less about all the beggars and trash two feet out the door. Expect to be asked for money but not before being asked what time it is or some other fake bit of small talk which wastes your time. This place is good only for those who are on 3rd shift looking for a place to hang out all night.