Patricia Toole
Lucky Strike Casino & Lounge Lucky Strike Casino & Lounge
Minot, North Dakota
"Patricia Toole"
A solid choice. This location is one of our favorite wheelchair accessible locations. It is easy to get to from the bus stop, easy to find parking, warm and dry on the winter, cool and air conditioned in the summer. All abilities can easily participate together with bumpers, wheelchair accessible lanes, and bowling ramps. The staff are friendly and patient and there are great discounts for people with disabilities! A win in my book. On the downside, you will not find many (any) gluten free options (other than soda), and it can get loud in here if you are sensitive to background noise. Expect your kids to beg for money for the cool vending machines and arcade. Personally, I just give them a couple of dollars and let them decide how to spend it. I will admit that much homework has gotten completed at times for the promise of a mini ninja from the machine and I will tell you it was 50 cents well spent!