Charles Romano
Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino
Gardena,, CA
"Charles Romano"
This is our local bar. The second we moved into town and visited for the first time, letting the staff present know we were new to Vegas they immediately took to treating us like we had been coming in for ages. Renee, whether she is behind the bar or working the floor, always sees to our needs and ensures our glasses are never empty unless we ask and also in spite of the fact that she is constantly on the move making sure everyone in the club is served. She is incredible and one of the reasons we go out of our way to visit after playing tourist if we know we can catch her there before 8pm. The location is vast and offers a lot in the way of spectacles to look at be they decorations for events, whatever might be showing on the dozens of screens throughout (including the projection walls they drop down during big events), or of course the dancers (especially during peak times). The hosts and managers are always attentive to the people present. Joel and Jarod keep the place from getting out of hand but are also talkative and friendly. Jason is always seemingly running around getting stuff done but takes the time to check in if he spots us to see how everything is going. Then there is Anthony who is generally behind the big events keeping the place up in energy when he isn't busy keeping everything in order. If you are a local, go for the perks of being a local (like a VuCard). If you are from out of town, go for the specials and events because they are worth seeing at least once. Definitely go to see the people I mentioned above.