B Morgan
Choctaw Travel Plaza - Durant West
Calera, Oklahoma
"B Morgan"
I'm guessing these employees are all on high alert for shoplifters and robbers idk but they all keep eyes on customers a bit too hard core. I just wanted to use the bathroom get whatever I needed and get outttt. Yesterday the cashier was a bit rude. I asked if they sold stamps seeing as the post office doesn't have semi parking! She pops off with "post offices have stamps." I'm educated not ignorant! My husband pulled me out of the store, he knew I was about to educate her well. This morning I go in to use the bathroom and get coffee. Some extremely I'll girl is in the bathroom snorting and trying to cough up a lung. I flew out of the bathroom with my shirt pulled up over my mouth and nose, I have ZERO time for the crud or flu! They all heard this chic so why are they looking at me crazy lol. They're lucky I even pulled my pants up running out of there to avoid illness. PEOPLE IF YOU ARE SICK WEAR A MASK!!!! Be respectful to everyone around you and wear a freaking mask if you're going out in public!!