Christopher Coon
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
"Christopher Coon"
If you are a slot player and plan on winning, your best bet is to at least take $100. This casino was the best in Michigan at one point as far as room rates, winning stakes on machines, dinning, the arcade to keep kids busy while parents play, and special events such as concerts and expos ECT. I have been to all of the casinos in this state and I believe my opinion as stated above is agreeable. However, in the past two years the casino has gone to hell. The points system has changed on cards players cards and is extremely confusing, which means most people don't know how or when they have enough points to get a snack at one of the snack stands or to get the buy one get one buffet on Tuesday. Though the buffet is good it isn't worth over $20 in my opinion and since it's difficult to use points from your player card you are paying out of pocket what used to be a free meal for two by paying with points. The free play is hard to understand and get and they can and do give and take it on a monthly bases. The winning stakes have been lowered so much that, unless very lucky, your not winning anything substantial until you send $100 to $500 and maybe not even then. The chance of winning is so low in fact that none of my friends or family will go back any more because if you are an average 20 to 50 dollar player or even 50 to 100 dollar player you are not likely to walk away with close to what you came with or what you came with especially more than what you brought. This used to be one of my favorite if not my favorite places to visit or even stay but unless you have money to burn and are okay without the "thrills of winning 100", just stay home. However awful the slot play has become, there are a lot of tables to join if you are a table game's kind of person. There are giant black jack machines to play with a large group of other virtual black jack fan and right now a brand new high stakes poker and high roller section is under construction. All in all, unless you're luckier than most as a slot player I would say just stay home or try to bring your paycheck and pray because this casino has ruined slot play, slot points, and is just not worthy of trip. Wish management would bring back the soaring hot wins they used to have and change the points system back.