Cindy Rizzato
The Casino Club at The Greenbrier The Casino Club at The Greenbrier
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
"Cindy Rizzato"
I felt like I was entering another world.... the entrance is so majestic and beautiful. Surrounded by beautiful green mountains, the drive from the airport was silent... everyone took in the beautiful scenery. Beautiful rolling hills as far as the eye can see.... The maid welcomed me by name as I passed her in the hall, returning the second year. Unbelievable service everywhere in the hotel. They grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables, the food is so tasty! I loved the blackberries and strawberries. If you stay here, go on the Greenbrier Ghost tour and also a historical tour of the hotel, the history is wonderful. Also make sure you take the secret underground bunker tour, that was absolutely amazing to see. It boggled my mind to think about how they built it in plain sight in 1958-1960 when they built the west wing... and how they kept it in a constant state of readiness for 1800 people! Prescriptions, fresh food, clothing, etc. supplies for a year. The administrative overhead on this must have been mind boggling. They have the original bunk beds, the dentist office, crematorium, dining hall, and last but not least - the huge hidden doorway that is 24" thick, filled with cement so it can withstand a nuclear blast. VERY interesting stuff! Plenty of interesting things to do... golf, skeet shooting, fly fishing, horse and carriage, horse riding, train station tour, gift shops, the President's Cottage, it goes on and on. You literally could shop all day and not see everything! The spa and indoor pool is so relaxing! Highly recommend!!