Terry Lee
Grey Eagle Casino and Bingo Grey Eagle Casino and Bingo
Calgary, Alberta
"Terry Lee"
Not having been back to Grey Eagle Casino for a while I figured it was time to reacquaint myself and sadly I walked away disappointed. It's seafood night ($38.99/person) so I figured the seafood would be plentiful and delicious! The latter wasn't true with the majority of the seafood being served being overcooked and quite salty. For example, the chilled crab legs and heated lobster claws were cooked to the point that using the shell cracker proved ineffective as the shells were too soft. Soft shell aside, it was difficult to get the meat out of the shells and they lacked flavor. It was mainly... just... salty. On the plus side, the crab claws were good and cooked well and the scallops on the half shell were also good. All the dishes were topped up regularly so you don't have to worry about not getting any when you see someone walk by with a very healthy portion of a single item on their plate. Dessert was good and as I mentioned earlier the service was great! Attentive, friendly, helpful Would I be back? Probably not for seafood night... but I remember Asian Wednesdays ($32.99/person, or whichever night they have sushi which I thought was seafood night) was good when I went a couple years ago. Prime rib buffet ($24.99/person) is another night I'm interested in trying as well