Bobby Bramlett
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Cape Girardeau, Missouri
"Bobby Bramlett"
I like the games, but today the machines were arranged differently, I could not find fishing bob machine,but there were others I like that were in different places, they were fun.but when it came to getting complementary buffets, I got one, my dad got one, but my girlfriend, whom spent over $100 could only get $10 off, would have been cheaper to have taken the money she spent and bought her own buffet. But other than that she had a great time, she told me and my father, except that she lost her ring she got from her grandmother so she got a little emotional while we were eating and so her food got cold while she went to backtrack to look for it, then we left shortly after, hard to have fun when your heart is broken,even though Jo Etta said she loves her some Isle and she thanked us for bringing her(that's how she is she says thanks any time you do anything for her, she strives to be nice) we had a great time, thank you