Mike Fifield
Pinehurst Resort
Naytahwaush, Minnesota
"Mike Fifield"
Pinehurst is a great place in a wonderful location price is very reasonable.. The owners and staff are great. You don't leave the restaurant hungry, you get plenty to eat. The cabins are nice, they could use a few minor updates but who goes to a resort to hang out inside all the time. The staff and owners are very helpful, We got stranded from running out of gas during our snowmobile trip because all the gas stations were closed and did not have pay at the pump. We called Pinehurst resort where we were staying at, and they brought gas to us in the middle of the night to get most of of the snowmobiles back. They gave my son and I a ride back to the resort, because they couldn't bring enough gas for all the sleds. They did make sure everyone was safe in there return... A huge thanks to all of you at Pinehurst for helping us to have a great weekend !!!