Erin Izzle
Century Casino Cripple Creek
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Erin Izzle"
I had a room booked through Expedia for $60. I had two flight cancellations and informed the hotel BOTH times about not being able to make it to cripple creek. They turned around and charged me $99 for a room I did not stay at. I was told that I would NOT be charged for the room since I canceled. I was told by Expedia that I would need to get ahold of the hotel, which I did. They charged me a day later for $40 MORE than the original booking. I am now being told that because it was not canceled in 24 hours, they would not refund my money. Even though I was told by an employee that I wouldn’t be charged. This is insanity they will not work with me figuring my flights have been canceled. So I am out money because of my flights and now $100 from this place. Pretty sad customer service.