Michael M
Klondike Sunset Casino Klondike Sunset Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Michael M"
Place is much cleaner than the last 2 different Klondikes that were there in the past. It used to be Tom's Sunset Casino and than it got bought and became Klondike Sunset Casino. Both of those were old little locals casino,but not well run. The problem I have with the current location is that they have changed out or moved machines around alot. The other problem is that the Old Henderson Casinos and the city of Henderson used to have a bad reputation. Some of the things I saw going on by employees and patrons will only give the place a bad name for where to buy drugs and other things. This is not everyone that works or plays there, but I have seen more and more happening. It seemed if they don't know you and your not part of the group's that come in they don't ask you about drinks or anything