Lainny Curin
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"Lainny Curin"
We really enjoyed the activities they offer at this hotel. A little bummed they weren't the cleanest, or had issues with electric for a couple of nights, and then it took a whole day for the hot water to get back to what it was at first. But I like the way the manager apologized for the inconveniences and offered to take of a couple nights of resort fees. Personally I think they could have offered a little more for having the issues I stated plus a burnt out bulb, no privacy door hanger, issues with our TV, and being told I have to request my room to be cleaned each day which turned out not to be true on top of when the one time she did come...all she did was make the new towels or soap or shampoo. But we didn't let the little things deter us from having fun. We enjoyed the tower the best. And still might give this place another chance.