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Feb 1 '18 at 1:57

Angela Buxman

Angela Buxman
The food is pretty tasty. We came here a couple of time, usually before a blazer game. The service is not quite up there with the food. The bartender is always great, but for some unexplainable reason we always get an attitude when dealing with the waitress. My visit last week she asked us how long we would be to order, I explained it might be a minute and asked if we could get more than one menu that she brought for us, she rolled her eyes and left the table, not a great experience for us taking my mom here for the first time. This visit I realized that if you waited at the booth for so long and decided to order at the bar, you may want to skip asking the waitress for anything as she has a "your not my problem now" attitude. Very disappointing that they can't all work together here. We either get a an attitude or a wrong order each time we come.