Glu Glukan
Wildhorse Casino & Hotel
Dulce, New Mexico
"Glu Glukan"
Have visited there several times. The Apache in Dulce (pronounced "DUEL-say", in the far left 1/4 of my attached photo out in the distance ) are very friendly people, and the area is such an interesting place to visit on several levels. Overall good personal experiences at this casino albeit a few unpleasant aspects (besides losing $30, heh!). The staff, from the attendants to the security people, all treated me well every time, both friendly and knowledgeable. Wireless internet service was "same-day service", seriously, and was slower than steam off of cold biscuits. The cigarette smoke escapes from the casino area through open doors and into the lobby and beyond, often a lot of smoke. With their permission, you'll be allowed to park in the lot overnight and sleep in your vehicle so long as you are a customer on some level. Will always revisit whenever my travels take me back to Dulce. The area is wonderful country to travel through for those wanting a break from the hustle-bustle of the big city.