Omar Abdi
Seven Clans Casino Red Lake Seven Clans Casino Red Lake
Redlake, Minnesota
"Omar Abdi"
I am very disappointed with the front desk. They actually need some customer care training. I stayed here and I am staying hopping they will b some changes. On December I went to work at 2am came back at around 8pm tired I found out my belongings were put at lost and found wile the room was paid for and all the rooms were booked finally they gave me a smoking room I didn't like it but had no choice and on February 2 2018 I payd 2 nights that I was supposed to check out on the 5th came back tired that told me I need to move to a deferent room. I had to wait like hrs in the casino loosing a lot of money bumbling that I wouldn't b doing if I had my room. I don't understand y they do this and the supervisor a lady was tryng to tell me about the policy's blaming it on me she woulnt even late me explain anything wile its there foot. I even asked my self is it becouse of my race? Although I don't believe in race card. But sometimes when you get treated this way thats the only thing that comes up. I can't find any other reason. I only stay her becouse of my job and I hope they will do something about it. Thanks