Timothy Riley
Win-River Casino Win-River Casino
Redding, California
"Timothy Riley"
This was my first time at this Casino as I am not a big fan of gambling. I went with a friend who goes there often. I tried out some of the dollar slots and lost all of my gaming money save $5. While my friend played live poker I hit the nickel slots and had two hours of fun with my last five. We ate at a casual restaurant called Elements. It was what you would expect from a TGI Fridays in food, decor and service. My friend ordered a Reuben sammy and I bought a large chicken salad. My salad was very good but I was lusting after his Reuben. It came on swirled rye bread and had the perfect balance of meat, sour kraut and Thousand Island dressing. There were only five or six customers in the whole place but the service was slow, friendly, but slow. We didn't order any alcohol and the bill for two people came out to a little under $50 including tax and tip. They were setting up the buffet as we were leaving and it looked pretty good for this kind of place, just don't expect a Vegas level experience.